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 Volume 11, Issue 1 (January 2024), Pages: 201-206


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Legendre operational differential matrix for solving ordinary differential equations


 Zainab I. Mousa 1, *, Mazin H. Suhhiem 2


 1Department of Mathematics, University of Kufa, Kufa, Iraq
 2Department of Mathematics, University of Sumer, Al-Rifai, Iraq

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 * Corresponding Author. 

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In this paper, we used the Legendre operational differential matrix method based on the Tau method to find the approximate analytical solutions to the initial value problems and boundary value problems of ordinary differential equations. This method allows the solution of the ordinary differential equation to be computed in the form of an infinite series in which the components can be easily calculated. We introduced a comparison between the approximate solution that we computed and the exact solution of the selected problem, as we found the absolute error. According to the numerical results, the series of solutions we found are accurate and very close to the exact analytical solutions.

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 Legendre operational differential matrix, Tau method, Ordinary differential equations, Approximate analytical solutions, Absolute error comparison

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 Received 24 August 2023, Received in revised form 14 January 2024, Accepted 15 January 2024


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 Mousa ZI and Suhhiem MH (2024). Legendre operational differential matrix for solving ordinary differential equations. International Journal of Advanced and Applied Sciences, 11(1): 201-206

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